Denis Frison is a bespoke menswear brand based between Los Angeles and New York City that offers individualized solutions for a curated wardrobe.

The brand was founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by Italian-born Denis Frison.  It is the realization of his life-long dream to share his skills as a designer and his passion for vintage research with discerning clients from around the world.

All clothing, whether hand-sewn shirts, sartorial items made from limited selections of exclusive fabric,  or casual knitwear and leatherwear items inspired by Denis’ own vintage archive, is made to measure and produced according to every client’s preference.

Since the time of its founding, the Denis Frison brand has had the privilege of working with a prestigious roster of clients including Al Pacino, Wolfgang Puck, Tommy Hilfiger and Robert De Niro, among others.


Denis began working in the fashion industry when he was just a teenager; his career has since brought him to travel to all corners of the world and meet people from countless walks of life.  It is through these encounters that Denis has developed a profound passion for vintage research.  What started as a hobby to collect memories from the places he visited and the people he met soon became a central theme throughout his life and his design process.  Whether vintage fabrics sourced from the South of France or antique U.S. Army uniforms, Denis studies the finest details of what he collects to understand how they can be applied to a contemporary man’s wardrobe.

In fact, it was Denis’s academic approach to vintage research that led Ralph Lauren to publically recognize him as a “Collector of Dreams” in 2010.

In 2016, after nearly a decade-long experience working under Italian Designer, Stefano Durelli, Denis decided to bring his archives and experience to the United States where he would share his vision of masculine elegance with the Land of Opportunity.  Since then, his sensibility for the finer things has earned him praise from both American and Italian Vogue, as well as a roster of prominent clientele that includes Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio

In March 2016, Denis opened his first Bespoke Tailoring Shop, “La Sartoria,” on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.  In January 2017, his brand expanded into a New York City Pop-Up location at Spring Place where he hosts monthly Trunk Shows.